Our story

MIGRA inspiration comes during a solo trip to some remote islands in the Philippines few years ago. On this trip I used several different modes of transportation, from a pedal tuk tuk and old vans to small propeller airplanes, and every time I had to figure out same problems: find a way to load my boards and especially how to protect them.

This trip was a blast and back at home I started thinking about something that could be help me in next one and help all surfers traveling.
I looked for a product that could not only protect my board during transport but also guarantee quality and reliability without compromise.

During my research I did’t find anything on the market that match these features, that's why I decided to start MIGRA.
I joined my background of product designer with surf passion and together with a friend, two years of developing, many prototypes and some surftrip to test it MIGRA surfboard bags comes out.

“MIGRA comes from migration,
every surfer moves looking for waves”

Now MIGRA is a independent brand dedicated on functional and durable surfboard bags.
We are a little team of ocean lovers with a strong passion for surf, arts and outdoor adventure.
We love brings innovations never seen before in the world of surf bags. Our products have unique and handy features and our design is driven by observing surfers behavior to help them.

Last but not least we are proud to say that all our surfboard bags are made 100% by recycled fabric from post-consumer PET bottles.

Marco De Santi
(MIGRA co-founder)


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