Let introduce MIGRA


MIGRA is the new surfboard bag designed to gives an extra protection to your board and new handy features are added to increase functionality to help you in many different situations.

It is a bag two years in the making from conception to prototype and has been engineered to give extra protection to the board with additional features added to increase functionality during transport.

The MIGRA surfboard bag focuses on protection and functionality. A double foam layer protection is placed along the rails to protect the surfboard to impact while the practical external carry system will easily hold a wetsuit or other gear. Twelve multitasking rings on the edges are stitched in to allow balanced carrying or quickly tie down the bag in any situation. The practical external carry system can be used by surfers to carry wetsuits, towels, and other goods and tools. In addition, the bag includes a removable shoulder strap with a practical hook for easy transport as well as salt-resistant hardware designed for durability and resistance to seizing. MIGRA weighs only two kilos!

Take a look of our first video, we hope you enjoy!