Southern mission


Backward in 2015 when we completed southern hemisphere mission to test our prototypes.
One month spent around Mozambique coast, hundreds and hundreds of kilometers ridden with most bizarre transports way. The prefect mix between wild nature and small MacGyver's adventures.
Up and down, constantly checking forecast and always looking for uncrowned peaks. These country has huge surf potentiality, you have just to wait right swell direction.....we had to wait several days but than a south swell comes and everything becomes magic!
We quickly loaded all our bags and driven straight through Inhambane region looking for ocean access.....not easy job but we was lucky! We scored fast hollow waves, fun size and uncrowned line up shared with turtles and dolphins.

Next step, we moved south...
690 km, one shitty ferries and a sick 4WD minivan later we landed close to South African boarder. Unfortunately swell was disappear and nothing else ahead so we spent remaining days doing our best: drinking beers and carrying our bags around to test it.
With unmapped wild landscape, remote access and unforgettable transports way Mozambique was perfect scenario to test our travel mates.
Africa was absolutely the best location for check out first bags, we always learn some trick studying African smart approach.
Full of good vibes these land is for sure our favorite continents to explore.

Mission notes
1310 kilometers ridden
2 shitty ferries
1 endless 4WR minivan cruise
2 great Land Cruiser transfer
Infinity paths walked
4 prototypes tested
Uncountable beers checked

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