Did you ever ride a surfboard bag?


Every surfer know how could be boring summer flat season, that’s why when Gianluca call me with an insane idea I started to be excited.
Gianluca: Hi Marco, I would like to test one of you bags into waves.
Me: Are you kidding me? Do you want try to surf a bag? Ok, let’s do it!


I love crazy idea and also it will be a good opportunity to check how materials and stitching react stressed with new forces.
I know Gianluca since many years and I love how much passion he puts into surf world and into all strange ideas comes out his mind.


Here some tips from Gianluca's test drive:

01 - Choose a surfboard with a bit of volume will help you with floating.

02 - Cut the fabric to have fins out and keep control.

03 - Remember to keep out shoulder pad!

04 -Don't be shy to paddle out.

05 - Involve a photographer otherwise nobody will believe you (thanks Moncho Gil for capturing this moment).

06 - Don't care about reef or rock, your board is always safe!  


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